Creativity hits us in the weirdest timings, in the most surprising ways, and in the least expected places. QuiverSmiths was built around the thought of chasing this certain whim. Take your gear everywhere like arrows as you pin every idea your daydreams throw at you.

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Wooden Watercolor pans
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Luna Palette
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We are a collective of artists making our way to the world. In line with that, we always travel and we love bringing our craft with us to document our memories. Photographs, words, paintings and more. We required items and tools for capturing moments and since we are makers, we are endlessly collaborating to make them ourselves. We have fallen in love with the idea of sharing them to our fellow artists so we started QuiverSmiths.

December Announcement All incoming orders will be processed starting January 2021

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your continued support and because of that we’re fully booked for December! All incoming orders starting today will be processed starting January 2021. However if your orders are ceramics alone we can ship it right away. :)  This year has been very challenging but it's bearable because of your support! See you next year ! Until then, 

Stay Safe & Happy Creating.

Quiversmiths Team

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